Tuesday, November 29, 2005

our world

The Divine creates from his will
Creation is but love manifest

Why do we scorn the very essence of life
And then spend our lives searching for that which we denied

Let us awaken to our purpose
To know ourselves as the One

We have taken this beautiful human form and made it ugly
We have forsaken our brothers and sisters
To pursue our selfish desires only to create pain for all

Let us find the beauty in each other and share ourselves
And rejoice in the knowing that we have been given life
To experience, to love, to be and to create

Let us sing and dance together
To the love song that emanates from the depths of the Self

Do not deny this feeling for another moment
Life is precious and it is calling us to rise

Let us awaken!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


i searched many lives, paths and clues
i have found the doorway in a place i least expected
not in the scriptures
not in the mystery schools
not in the stars or in science

through your grace i find myself in my tears
a heart opening to the sun like a lotus flower

amma, amma, amma
you are a living presence
the potential of man is found in the love of a mother

grant me the courage to blossom
and follow you to the Self
to the inner sky that contains all the heavens

your light reveals my greed, lust and selfishness
there is nothing i could have done to earn this flowering
i am purified only through your divine grace