Friday, May 18, 2007


everything is space. the space is alive, it is all intelligence-energy. all things appear within it - animate and inanimate - even etheric things like thoughts, scents, feelings, are all manifestations within the space. even the body appears out of the void of nothingness in the space- the only difference is that it is constantly there. the space, being intelligence-energy, hooks onto the appearance of the body and abides as an individual. but really there is no person there.. every thing is only an appearance, an arising within space.

you are that space. not the person. this is impossible to digest from the view that we are an individual. the intelligence-energy has to align with its own nature for this to be seen. the seeing is not in the form of thinking or rationalization that is conventional to knowing things - instead, the seeing is Self evident and a realization without words, a perfect clarity - the seeing happens when identification ceases and purity of being throbs of its own without any idea of an egoic identity. the seeing just happens and has no cause - even though it may appear otherwise.

when the person drops and only space/Self/intelligence energy remains. All is a monologue, an perfect intercourse within itself, the world appearing then is only a self-effulgance - just like the suns rays are to the sun. the appearance of the world is a radiation of the pure space. it seems so real, but is unreal - not unreal that it is not happening, but unreal like the image in a mirror. the world is a reflection only yet we take it to be the real thing.

this is the non-dual view - when everything is as it is, without a seperation. there is no one here writing, it is a happening within the space - there is no self identification - the reflection is that there is a reader that is reading this, when really only reading is arising there. it is all information coursing through the space being registered within the space - this is the real "ethernet"!

there is only this One thing, this emptiness, which is entirely alive with intelligence-energy appearing as the world and its content. We are That and not the person. the intelligence energy is flowing of its own accord and doing its thing. i write of it as "it" but i am that it. this is the monologue.

what remains is everything without suffering - only the individual can suffer. when seen rightly, everything is perfect and all is just a timeless arising of being within the emptiness of the space which expresses itself as a cinematic projection called the world.

the world is in me and i not in it. the me, is not the person, but the space in which all arises.

awaken from the dream - the dreamer drops - but the dream continues, as the effulgance of the Self, the supreme witness, which can not be named, described or experienced. verily, you are That.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Cosmic Hallucination

The world is a dream
you and i but dreamers
dreaming within the dream
I awake yet the dream continues