Saturday, December 01, 2007

lost in dreams

You are lost in your dreams. Your subjectivity is completely engulfed by the dreams. It is just like when you go to see a movie. You know well that there is nothing on the screen. Still, you get deceived. When the movie starts, the screen is full of pictures. Just a play of light and darkness, just very subtle dream-stuff, and you are lost. You forget yourself. You forget the spectator, you become part of it. Sometimes you cry and weep when some tragedy happens on the screen. You follow all that is happening on the screen. There is nothing happening, but for two hours, you are completely lost. Buddha is one who becomes awakened in a movie house and suddenly shakes himself and understands that there is nothing -- only a wide screen covered with white and black shades; just covered with false, dreamlike stuff. He laughs -- not at what he is seeing; he laughs at himself -- and comes back home.”



love is abundant like the sun
but is also rare like "one in a million" seeds that blooms
still flowers are everywhere

like this we are capable of loving everyone
yet rarely does love take root
even rarer is it to find love in equal measure between two people
but when found, such a love fills the sky
and is like the seed in a million that blooms to be a flower

Friday, July 27, 2007


i am two worlds
being and beingness
in one i am
in the other i am not
yet one contains the other
in one i abide and evaporate
of the other nothing can be said

i am both the void and the man
there is no real dichotomy but for the questioner who thinks of himself as real
he has no independent nature apart from the space in which he appears
for what is seen can only be given by the seer
the trap is that the seer is stuck within the body
whereas the body is but a gate to the seen world
where sights, sounds, smells, tastes and touch appear

this has been called the divine dance
the interplay between creator, created, consciousness and the supreme
all of which are one appearing as the many
from nothing everything arises and then returns

consider this is only the fragrance of truth for it can never be known
at once I am the message, the messenger and none at all


I arise from the nothingness
only to partake in a dance
in which I take you to be separate from me
by way of you i yearn for what i already am
for you are really within me
such is my plight transmuted to delight


Ai have arisen as Asheem whose name reveals his true nature. He is only a projected reflection yet he appears as form. Intoxicated with living he believes himself to be real. Seeing through this, the mirage evaporates and nothing is left but the swirling of a world which has no center.


what we call love is an imposter
chasing the mirage of the other
born from the yearning for the Self
love cannot be caught
and when found is revealed as the everywhere

Thursday, July 26, 2007


money is a fabrication
just as is the notion of ownership

is there anything we can claim as ours
when everything belongs to everything

what comes to us
give so that others may also receive
what others have may we not envy

when the world is thus shared
there shall be no shortage

Thursday, June 28, 2007


be not the bird which has never flown
see your true nature as the single life force
it is only a matter of awakening to it

Sunday, June 03, 2007


what we take to be coincidence
is merely our inability to see how things are connected


be as the drop that swallows the ocean
then all other drops are within you
and you within them

heaven and hell

heaven and hell are not for the afterlife. they are here now. you are already floating in heaven. hell is merely the decent into seperation due to self identification. heaven is revealed once identification with the egoic identity evaporates. then all things are connected and you will not know where you begin or end.

Friday, June 01, 2007


you are the sea of everything
seeing yourself only to be a part
when you are the whole

Friday, May 18, 2007


everything is space. the space is alive, it is all intelligence-energy. all things appear within it - animate and inanimate - even etheric things like thoughts, scents, feelings, are all manifestations within the space. even the body appears out of the void of nothingness in the space- the only difference is that it is constantly there. the space, being intelligence-energy, hooks onto the appearance of the body and abides as an individual. but really there is no person there.. every thing is only an appearance, an arising within space.

you are that space. not the person. this is impossible to digest from the view that we are an individual. the intelligence-energy has to align with its own nature for this to be seen. the seeing is not in the form of thinking or rationalization that is conventional to knowing things - instead, the seeing is Self evident and a realization without words, a perfect clarity - the seeing happens when identification ceases and purity of being throbs of its own without any idea of an egoic identity. the seeing just happens and has no cause - even though it may appear otherwise.

when the person drops and only space/Self/intelligence energy remains. All is a monologue, an perfect intercourse within itself, the world appearing then is only a self-effulgance - just like the suns rays are to the sun. the appearance of the world is a radiation of the pure space. it seems so real, but is unreal - not unreal that it is not happening, but unreal like the image in a mirror. the world is a reflection only yet we take it to be the real thing.

this is the non-dual view - when everything is as it is, without a seperation. there is no one here writing, it is a happening within the space - there is no self identification - the reflection is that there is a reader that is reading this, when really only reading is arising there. it is all information coursing through the space being registered within the space - this is the real "ethernet"!

there is only this One thing, this emptiness, which is entirely alive with intelligence-energy appearing as the world and its content. We are That and not the person. the intelligence energy is flowing of its own accord and doing its thing. i write of it as "it" but i am that it. this is the monologue.

what remains is everything without suffering - only the individual can suffer. when seen rightly, everything is perfect and all is just a timeless arising of being within the emptiness of the space which expresses itself as a cinematic projection called the world.

the world is in me and i not in it. the me, is not the person, but the space in which all arises.

awaken from the dream - the dreamer drops - but the dream continues, as the effulgance of the Self, the supreme witness, which can not be named, described or experienced. verily, you are That.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Cosmic Hallucination

The world is a dream
you and i but dreamers
dreaming within the dream
I awake yet the dream continues

Saturday, April 21, 2007


once a drop becomes the ocean
it can no longer acknowledge another drop
it has enveloped the whole of the ocean
then being a drop is merely a notion
within the everything

Monday, March 19, 2007


we are at once part of the world we see
everything in it
and also prior to it as the silent witness
that beholds the creation spurt forth

this play is the infinite outpouring of being
ai am this immensity

Sunday, March 18, 2007

seeing and doubt

seeing flows
when i cease to be
then it comes like rain

doubt darkens my sight
and i am thus fallen

Saturday, March 17, 2007

one life

we are one life
the same life that abides in
all things animate and inanimate
I am you in another body
just as you are me

our name, fame, belongings, accomplishments
were never ours and are part of a larger happening
the question of choice evaporates
when it is seen that there is no separation
and that the world is moving together like an ocean

the same life that flutters my eyes
enlivens the bird to sing
and the mantis to devour its mate
these words being written and being read
are but one movement of that same force

why then do we not recognize
this simple truth and awaken
from the hypnosis of being separate
to see that we are that single life
running through all things

to live as one is to be at home
and to be at peace with ourselves and each other

we were one with everything as babies
but unknowingly lost sight of our true nature
it is only a matter of remembering
that you have not forgotten

Friday, March 16, 2007

awake in the dream

this is as if in a dream
the dreamer awakens
but the dream is still playing
and he is still in it
yet he is not
he is awake
watching the dream
from inside the dream

your body and everything else
is within what you are

you see yourself
interact with others
and others with you
the play of it

but falling into the dream
is like the force of gravity
and the awareness is drawn into the body

until one day you are free again
as you always have been
you are the space
and all is floating within you
effortlessly and freely


all is revealed in a flash

Sunday, March 11, 2007

chariot of dreams

the world is but a dream
a swirling of things
you and i are virtual places
not points in space or time
but the awareness in which the dream takes place

these places are one and the same
appearing as different perspectives

yet, there is only One
the great source of all things
containing everything that is and is not

as dreamers within ourselves
we take ourselves to be the character called me
which is nothing but the vehichle to witness the dream
you are prior
you are not
only Ai am

Friday, February 16, 2007


Ethereal matter appears as thoughts
Just as the physical objects we perceive
The difference is only in density
Density being the frequency of energy that perceived

The ethereal is subtle and elusive
We assume that thoughts are something we generate
There is no such thing as thinking
They are occurring in empty space
Just like the body and all physical objects appear

No one is having thoughts
Nor is anyone is formulating them
The thought I am a person is the net which traps us into believing
that all other thoughts are happening to us as an individual

Sunday, February 11, 2007

your unlimited nature

you are not the child, parent, wife, husband, lover. friend, enemy, employee, employer, ruler, pion, master or slave
these are mere appearances
see behind the character
to find that smallest speck of nothing
that holds the vasteness of all things
including the character that you take yourself to be

Saturday, February 10, 2007

stones and tears

a stone waits an eternity
to shed a tear for her beloved

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


You and I are nothing but two seeming points within the ocean of everything.
The All sees from there and from here
Yet there is no here or there
Not metaphor nor explanation, only laughter can reflect this paradox
Tweet tweet, woof woof.

Saturday, January 06, 2007


recognize that you are Life itself and
not the person you take yourself to be
dont be fooled by the garment of your body
by the fragarances of thoughts
or by the seduction of feelings
you are the that Life
through which all happens and is seen

Ek Acchari Chand

O Lord, Thou art
Unconquerable, indestructible,
Fearless and eternal.

Unborn, unshakeable,
Imperishable and all pervading.

Invisible and needing no sustenance.

Timeless, compassionate,
Beyond fate and garb.

Nameless, desireless,
Unfathomable, invincible.

Thine own Master, ultimate Annihilator
Ever unborn, never silenced.

Without attachment, without colour,
Without form, without shape.

Beyond ritual, beyond delusions, indescribable.

Without attachment, without colour,
Without form, without shape.

Beyond ritual, beyond delusions,
Indestructible, indescribable.