Saturday, March 17, 2007

one life

we are one life
the same life that abides in
all things animate and inanimate
I am you in another body
just as you are me

our name, fame, belongings, accomplishments
were never ours and are part of a larger happening
the question of choice evaporates
when it is seen that there is no separation
and that the world is moving together like an ocean

the same life that flutters my eyes
enlivens the bird to sing
and the mantis to devour its mate
these words being written and being read
are but one movement of that same force

why then do we not recognize
this simple truth and awaken
from the hypnosis of being separate
to see that we are that single life
running through all things

to live as one is to be at home
and to be at peace with ourselves and each other

we were one with everything as babies
but unknowingly lost sight of our true nature
it is only a matter of remembering
that you have not forgotten

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