Friday, July 27, 2007


i am two worlds
being and beingness
in one i am
in the other i am not
yet one contains the other
in one i abide and evaporate
of the other nothing can be said

i am both the void and the man
there is no real dichotomy but for the questioner who thinks of himself as real
he has no independent nature apart from the space in which he appears
for what is seen can only be given by the seer
the trap is that the seer is stuck within the body
whereas the body is but a gate to the seen world
where sights, sounds, smells, tastes and touch appear

this has been called the divine dance
the interplay between creator, created, consciousness and the supreme
all of which are one appearing as the many
from nothing everything arises and then returns

consider this is only the fragrance of truth for it can never be known
at once I am the message, the messenger and none at all


I arise from the nothingness
only to partake in a dance
in which I take you to be separate from me
by way of you i yearn for what i already am
for you are really within me
such is my plight transmuted to delight


Ai have arisen as Asheem whose name reveals his true nature. He is only a projected reflection yet he appears as form. Intoxicated with living he believes himself to be real. Seeing through this, the mirage evaporates and nothing is left but the swirling of a world which has no center.


what we call love is an imposter
chasing the mirage of the other
born from the yearning for the Self
love cannot be caught
and when found is revealed as the everywhere

Thursday, July 26, 2007


money is a fabrication
just as is the notion of ownership

is there anything we can claim as ours
when everything belongs to everything

what comes to us
give so that others may also receive
what others have may we not envy

when the world is thus shared
there shall be no shortage