Friday, September 29, 2006


love gives to give
seeking nothing in return
as the sun upon a flower

the flower thus filled
swells with sweet perfume
for the world to partake

such is natures way
be as the sun and flower
and be quenched with giving

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


God is everything that is seen
he flows also as the seeing
for the seen and seeing are One

He is every thought, feeling and emotion
do not deny them, they are Him
He is continuous yet timeless
This is His blossoming
Love is his fragrance

Ai am He

Monday, September 25, 2006


there is no doer, action, instrument or seer
there is only ONE, undivided

Ai am neither the perceiever, actor nor the action
these are included in me
Ai am the meeting point

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


"Rare are the men and women who know how to love, which explains why people are unhappy, even when they believe they have found the so-called ‘love of their life’. To love does not mean to concentrate all your attention on one man or woman, and when you limit yourself in this way, you become poorer. When you truly love, your love for another is enriched with your love for the entire universe – for all creatures and all creation, from the stones to the stars. In this way you pour treasures into the soul of your beloved.

To say to a man or woman: ‘I love no one but you’ is of no real advantage to this person, and in fact it is the surest way to impoverish him or her. Unless your heart is already full of love for others, your love brings your beloved nothing."

Mother Jasmine

Saturday, September 09, 2006


something happens to man in his infancy
where he contracts energetically
into a separate beingness

this is only an appearance of separation
there is only one universal existence
flowing in complete accord with itself

but in the energetic contraction
man sees himself as an individual or person
this contraction occurs in the cognizing process
where the ethereal or subtle matter we call thoughts
are taken to objects that we are creating individually
leading us to the belief that we are the doer
that we as an individual have the power to create and manifest
this contraction is the ego or mind

liberation, illumination, enlightenment
ia release from the contraction that we are separate
and is a return to a natural functioning
like that of a newborn child
even of plant, mineral or natures creatures

creation is then seen not as individual but universal
each event, object, thought is seen as a timeless arising
an arising within itself

this is strange to comprehend because it cant be
understood by the individual
the “you” must evaporate for this to be seen

you will try to see it through the lens of a separate identity
but only in the dropping of the lens will it be revealed
not revealed to you but become self evident

you can not do anything for this to occur
it is already occurring but the contraction that
has you see yourself as separate creates a veil
and blinds you to what you are

this is not a prescription to take any action
it is only a description of a seeing over here
there is no purpose but its own expression

when you see, and i see, we merge
we are already merged! but this is figurative, poetic
a dance of being and of life

this is the singing of a bird
it knows nothing of its melody
other than the rapture of it

it arises spontaneously
from nowhere
from within and without

seeing is like realizing that
the reflection in the lake is not the moon
seeing that you are the moon, the lake, the reflection and the seer!

however this realization only occurs when
there is an expansion in the energy
this expansion can be taken to be spontaneous or as a ripening
it is both since it is timeless

when it is seen all paradigms that exist
in the contraction of being separate blow apart
its as if there exist two worlds on top of the other
this can be seen as a miracle of miracles
but this is not as mystical as it appears to be
it is a function of raw intelligence energy manifesting itself

it cant even be said if anything is manifesting at all
“being” is commonly used but i prefer “are”

any description destroys what this is
not only cant it be described
but the very attempt at comprehension is
an act of separation
this process too is contained within totality

these words have already died
they survive this expression

Thursday, September 07, 2006

the dance

All this spirituality, understanding, seeing can be reduced to flow. Flow of energy, chi, prana, oneness, the great intelligence, totality, vibration, sound, light, whatever you want to call it. Happiness, joy, love, compassion are expansive, fear, greed, hate, desire, are contracting, peace is stillness. Simple as that. This is all that is happening and you are not only what happens inside this movement but you are the very movement itself.

You can not direct this movement since you are it. Its (your) very flow is intelligence which, in its every action/projection, is in accord with itself. you cant even watch it since you also the watching. you are a boundless ocean of being seemingly flowing. what arises in boundlessness is not important - awareness can be of the ethereal or of chopping a tree or solving a mathematical equation. These are absolutely ALL THE SAME. you are that which arises.. you are the tree, the chopping, the chopper. the mathemetician, the equation, the riddle and the answer. this will never be understood but perhaps seen. seen by no one but by the very flow, intelligence itself. there is no point to it but itself.

The consistency of being embodied in a physical form is the firmament of what you take as reality. this is why you can not beleive you are god. how can it be so that this little person is it?! there is not an answer. when the question stops, it is seen. nothing can stop the question but the flow, which you are. you cant allow it to happen, wait for it, make it... you are it. do whatever you are doing. it has already happened and you already are what you are!

this is the dance.

Monday, September 04, 2006

such is my dance

such is my dance
i sing my song through you such that i may hear
i suffer through you such that i may feel
i laugh through you such that i may rejoice
i am born through you such that i may live
i die through you such that i may return

i give you others such that you may share
through your sharing i see myself

what you think shall be
and what you think is also given by me

your breath is me
your sight is me
your feelings are me

i am your words
your subjects, your objects they are all me

i am the reader, the writer and the publisher
i am also the critic and the follower

i am the seeker and the sought
i am all there is and there is nothing that is not

there is no difference in me and you
other than one sees and the other dreams


i speak of a vision
where the dreamer is the very dream
hence can not awaken upon his own beckoning

what are you trying then to attain
there is no point at all
only this aliveness
to which there is no beginning nor end
it has no purpose other than itself

divine, sublime, godly are mere terms
to whom or what do I offer my worship?
i extol certain beings as realized and avatars
they are none other than manifestations of myself

they are contained within my being
they arise only in me
without me they can not exist