Thursday, September 07, 2006

the dance

All this spirituality, understanding, seeing can be reduced to flow. Flow of energy, chi, prana, oneness, the great intelligence, totality, vibration, sound, light, whatever you want to call it. Happiness, joy, love, compassion are expansive, fear, greed, hate, desire, are contracting, peace is stillness. Simple as that. This is all that is happening and you are not only what happens inside this movement but you are the very movement itself.

You can not direct this movement since you are it. Its (your) very flow is intelligence which, in its every action/projection, is in accord with itself. you cant even watch it since you also the watching. you are a boundless ocean of being seemingly flowing. what arises in boundlessness is not important - awareness can be of the ethereal or of chopping a tree or solving a mathematical equation. These are absolutely ALL THE SAME. you are that which arises.. you are the tree, the chopping, the chopper. the mathemetician, the equation, the riddle and the answer. this will never be understood but perhaps seen. seen by no one but by the very flow, intelligence itself. there is no point to it but itself.

The consistency of being embodied in a physical form is the firmament of what you take as reality. this is why you can not beleive you are god. how can it be so that this little person is it?! there is not an answer. when the question stops, it is seen. nothing can stop the question but the flow, which you are. you cant allow it to happen, wait for it, make it... you are it. do whatever you are doing. it has already happened and you already are what you are!

this is the dance.

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Anonymous said...

dance dance wherever you may be
i am the Lord of the dance said he
i lead you all wherever you may be
i lead you all in the dance said he