Saturday, December 01, 2007

lost in dreams

You are lost in your dreams. Your subjectivity is completely engulfed by the dreams. It is just like when you go to see a movie. You know well that there is nothing on the screen. Still, you get deceived. When the movie starts, the screen is full of pictures. Just a play of light and darkness, just very subtle dream-stuff, and you are lost. You forget yourself. You forget the spectator, you become part of it. Sometimes you cry and weep when some tragedy happens on the screen. You follow all that is happening on the screen. There is nothing happening, but for two hours, you are completely lost. Buddha is one who becomes awakened in a movie house and suddenly shakes himself and understands that there is nothing -- only a wide screen covered with white and black shades; just covered with false, dreamlike stuff. He laughs -- not at what he is seeing; he laughs at himself -- and comes back home.”



love is abundant like the sun
but is also rare like "one in a million" seeds that blooms
still flowers are everywhere

like this we are capable of loving everyone
yet rarely does love take root
even rarer is it to find love in equal measure between two people
but when found, such a love fills the sky
and is like the seed in a million that blooms to be a flower