Tuesday, January 11, 2005


WHAT IF you are a note in a divine symphony
Each moment is a movement of the total
Of which you are only a part

Your destiny is revealed now in the present
You are a holy instrument
Your freedom is to act in awareness and to experience the music that is being played through you

The highest peak is self discovery
To find that you are the very meaning of life
The heart of which is joy, compassion and love

WHAT IF we are slaves to our mind and our true master is fast asleep
We have become mind identified and operate through a sense of “me”. And this “me” is merely a conditioned identity based upon borrowed thoughts.
Our Ego falsely leads us to believe that we are the Doer
The laws of Karma manifest when we become the Doer and hence we are tethered
Each action then leads to and endless cycle of cause and effect
We become slaves to this illusion for lifetimes

Man carries the promise of being fully conscious, enlightened, self-realized
This is not an act of becoming but of being, of lifting the veil that hides our Self
The true Self is your soul, consciousness itself
This consciousness runs through existence and is One

Enlightenment is the flowering of consciousness inside of you
When you are the Witness you drop the Doer and attain the ultimate freedom
The Witness in you is the same as the Witness that runs through all of creation
It seeks only to experience itself which is the essence of Bliss

WHAT IF all we have to do is experience every moment fully
We have the choice to live in sympathy with existence no matter the circumstances
True peace resides in the depths of our being

WHAT IF the divine symphony is playing everlastingly and all we have to do is just listen

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