Saturday, February 19, 2005

The Mind as the Greatest Miracle

Meher Baba Posted by Hello

"The mind can be called the greatest miracle of the universe, because it is out of the mind that the illusion of the universe arises. Mind is a parent miracle yet the fulfillment of its destiny lies in self-annihilation. It has not fulfilled its true purpose if it does not completeley dissapear. The temporary clay model often has to be destroyed in order to bring out a statue of permanent importance; the form of wooden planks is rasied only to be replaced later by a slab of concrete; and the hen's egg has not fulfilled its destiny until it is broken from the inside by the pecking of a hacking chicken. In the same way, the mind-mould arises only in order that it may be shatterered to peices and that its bursting may make possible the unfoldment of true and unlimited understanding which is self-sustained. Thus the mind, which is the parent miracle comes into existence only in order to vanish."


Ashish said...

The mind as the eternal veil. Bulla ki jaana main kaun?

Ashish said...

Intense physical pain and suffering help one to shake off that veil of duality called mind and realise our Godhood.

Physical pleasures only reinforce the illusion of maya and make us slaves of our mind.