Sunday, September 11, 2005

what now?

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the current moment determines the next
(at least on the linear plane...)

so why worry about tomorrow?
act now instead and let tomorrow take care of itself

then what now?
dont worry about that either
flow, let existence act through you
be your part of the cosmic whole

you'll know what to do
the future will pull you to itself of its own accord
allow the next moment to reveal itself

yet you are making it all happen
but just who are YOU?

look inside, meditate on it
the you that you think you are is but a thought
behind the clouds you are found
as a vessel of the totality

this is the only thing up to you
will you play your part as your individuated egoic self
or as the universal Self

know yourself to know the Truth
this is the cosmic puzzle
that once answered cannot be spoken


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Blinks and broad smirks of accord.