Monday, January 02, 2006

free will

there is no question of free will
the totality acts through us

true freedom is only had when we release our identification
with our egoic identity

our only responsibility is to act without regard to the outcome
being utterly spontaneous without interference from mind
will result in right action with no further karmic ties

action from mind is destined to bound to lead to karma
instead mind should be an instrument just as an appendage
from there wisdom may flourish


Aarti Kawlra said...

How does one differentiate between the different types of thoughts and actions one takes in a day. Is there a way of recognizing them? When you say "spontaneous" is it the first thought? and the fastest?
Also about the egoic self... Removing the "I" in one's speech is the first step then?

asheem said...

its a matter of witnessing ones actions and that is all - thinking about it all makes it even more confusing - i think the essence of the Gita is the answer - act without thought of the fruit - this is the same as saying be present, be here and now - act from here and the future will take care of itself.

spontaneous means action from the heart - in a way its the first thought because the mind itself arises from the heart but along the way gets identified with the egoic identity. so acting spontaneously
means response not reaction, from intuition..

removing the I from speech will probably confuse others - recognizing it is better - if the water drop identifies with itself it forgets that it is the very ocean - we are the same.

dont make yourself nuts with this - it is Grace that ultimately frees us of ego - we can only do what we can - be total in it - and allow it to happen - its just a matter of time - the fact that you can even contemplate these questions poins to the fact that you have already taken millions of births , through stone, plant, insect, fish, animal etc. if its just one or a few lifetimes away it is a matter of celebration :)

Anonymous said...

There you guys go playing a cousin-cousin mutual admiration club, feeling so great about it, oblivious of the huge suffering involved if you were born in abject poverty. Your mind is a wonderful tool that help you stave off guilt pangs you ought to have borne.