Tuesday, August 29, 2006


awakening is merely the clarity
that that there is no past and no future
that there is neither place, neither in time, nor out of time

only a meeting of
the hearing, the sound, the heard and the hearer
of the seeing, the sight, the seen and the seer
of the tasting, the taste, the tasted and the taster
of the sensing, the sense, the sensed and the sensor
of the desiring, the desire, the desired and the desirer
of the thinking, the thought, the object and the thinker

there are no answers and no questions
there is no difference between form and formless

There is no living in do’s and dont’s
Who is there to do?
Who is there to be still?
Who is there to be quiet?
Who is there to understand?
Who is there to live?
Who is there to even be the instrument?

there is no one, no individual, no person
you are not you
you are not that
you are not this

this is this and there is no that
there are no multiple dimensions
there is not even one dimension

there is no being
there is only “are”
not “you are” but just “are”
this is “are”
“are” is not now
there is no now
there is only “are”

“are” is impersonal
neither vast nor minute
“are” cant be said

all memories, appearances, thoughts, are “are”
there is nothing outside “are”
those things you think exist only exist in “are”
they have no separate nature whatsoever
nothing is separate

there is no consciousness
there is no presence
there is no intelligence
there is no reality
there is no truth
there is no one

these are only concepts
concepts are movements within
they point nowhere
because “are” cant be pointed to
“are” has no cardinal point
“are” is not even everywhere
there is no everywhere or everything
this implies a nowhere or nothing
“are” is neither, are is not even both

You will never get this
Because you are not
even “are” is not
“are” is “are”

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