Sunday, April 17, 2005


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people who have known reality not as a knowledge but as an experience have tremendously emphasized one point

that your are already what you can ever be
your essential reality has already been given to you
it is not going to happen in the future
it is possible you may not realize it in the present
that does not mean it is not present
it simply means your eyes are closed
your can stand with closed eyes before a sunrise
and you will remain in darkness
that does not deny the exist of the sun
it simply shows your stupidity
just open your eyes
and in fact all that you need is already given to you


Choiceless awareness simply means

whatever happens to you
is perfectly the right thing that should have happened
you don’t have any judgment about it
it doesn’t mean you will stop doing things
you will continue doing things
but your doing things will be
more like a man flowing the current of the river
not swimming, not swimming against the current
the effort comes when you are against the current
existence want you to move north
and you want to move towards the south
there comes the struggle
there comes your effort
there comes your separate existence as an ego

but if you are simply flowing with the river
wherever it is going
you don’t have a goal
because a man with a goal cannot be choiceless
you don’t have a destination
because a man with a destination cannot relax
and can not be choiceless
he has as already chosen

Osho, Om Mane Padme Hum

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