Saturday, April 30, 2005

River of Life

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The more I see the more I realize that all there is to do is ride the current of life. Even when we are not acting from our mind created desires, we are not static. Even if you did nothing, life will move you along the universal current… being one with nature means surrendering to the grand movement of things - giving up our little desires for the whole…

The key is distinguishing those movements that come from the mind from those that happen naturally. For instance breathing happens on its own accord – if you interfere with it you will change the natural pattern and put your body in conflict.

It takes some understanding, insight and deep awareness to grasp the fact that once can give up acting from the mind and still be acting, doing, creating. The difference is that the movement comes from a different place. The flow of life, like a river, is already carrying you… you are only the vehicle, the instrument. Then yours is to experience the movement that is happening through you… being one with it – just as the dancer and the dance can not be separated.

We have become addicted to using the mind excessively and have have been living upside down peddling the bicycle of life with our arms and steering with our legs!

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