Sunday, October 01, 2006

virtual reality

all is not as you take it to be
there are no physical people, places or things
these are only virtual realities in consciousness
there is no such thing as your consciousness or my consciousness
these are also virtual realities
anything we perceive are only shadows of the One
you are not a person but eternity itself
this can only be seen through recognition
not by "you", but that which you are

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Anonymous said...

There are two kinds of truth, universal & perceived.

Existence as we know it is based on duality, yin/yang theory, but our existence relies on our point of view, or perception. This creates the problem of not seeing things "as they truly are."

Break it down...

If something can have an opposite, it can not be a universal truth, and it is perceived with dualistic comparisons. All the gods you speak of are false, just on the basis that they have a negative counterpart, 1 -1 = 0. Hot and cold are not real, since they are compared against one and other, however, to say it is 70* outside is fact. This doesn't mean Hot/cold or dualist existence is not real or true, but PERCIEVED and not UNIVERSAL.

The source makes god look like an imaginary friend for grown ups...

"God" can not exist, just on the principal of duality. I am the image, there is no comparison and there is only 1. Even the reflection is me, no good or bad, just me, but wait...if I have reflection, I have opposition, therefore ME doesn't really exist. My body is NOT ME, it is MINE however.

"All is one
one is none
what is I?"

In that bucket for your brain we call a head; YOU are the one listening but never speak! The secret to pushing the human limits is to FIND YOURSELF. The matrix has you...

Part ii
8 rings of the consciousness.
-5 senses, Emotional mind -Logical mind -True Mind.

Do you think you are in control of you? Take this example I gathered from a painting I once saw.
There is a Chariot, being pulled by 5 horses, there are 2 spirits at the chariots reigns, and in the back being dragged by the feet, is an other spirit....

The 5 horses are your 5 senses
The 2 drivers are the Emotional and Logical mind
The 1 being dragged by the feet is YOU, or the "True Self".

What this suggests is we do not really know OUR-TRUE-SELVES that we allow the true self to be lead by our physical mind to be dragged by our senses.

Part iii
Desire--> Fear, Anger, Hate --> Suffering

What you want, makes you fear the loss or inability to gain, which makes you angry at what makes you fear , which makes you hate what makes you angry at what makes you fear , which makes you suffer...

Yoda said it best, but he forgot to mention the root of the chain, the 5th element. All form and action is a direct result of a thought, the WILL for it to exist. If we can all change our thinking, we can save the world and possibly our souls.