Saturday, December 09, 2006

Below, Beneath and Before

We are nature, The Tao, That, This, It, Guru, Shivaya
Believing ourselves to be people we are reduced to the idiot
The great intelligence forsaken
For the smallness of being some-one

You have been sold on the mirage of becoming
The sentimentality of being spiritual and loving is an even greater deceiver
Does the Sun say it is giving when it warms the solar system
Does the lioness consider herself to be nurturing when she feeds her cubs
Does the earth cry when we rape her

Nature appears as love and violence
They are sisters
Do not attach to either and you will see they are your reflections only

Awaken to truth that you are NOT what you mistake yourself to be
You are That which is below, beneath, before
Once this is seen there is no below, beneath or before

There is beauty, immensity, bliss, but not as you dream of
It is impersonal, greater than the individual
And can not be experienced, you are the beauty you seek,
but so long as you take yourself to be a person
you remain hidden behind a veil, as the moon in her reflection

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