Sunday, January 04, 2009

what everything is

there is only everything
which is the nothing looking like things
there is a reference point
we call it the identity or mind
from here the world is seen
yet there is something before the mind
that has been commonly called consciousness
the thing that perceives without thought
can hear, see, feel, taste, sense
without the narration of mind

what is this is thing then
it is no different than what seems
to lie within its perception
the perceived and perceiver are one
therefore consciousness can not be
seperated from what it beholds
they are verily the one and the same

there is no my or your consciousness
these are also mirages so in a way do exist
but not as Reality, which is only One and irrefutable, unnameable

so if the beholder (not the mind) and beheld are one
then everything is just a flowing
a coming up, an arising of being
there is nothing more that can even be said about it
for that would require again creation of a separate vantage point

now this is all leading to a danger in perception
many of "you" will come to this understanding rather easily
even the mind will receive clarity and concede

the danger is the nature of this arising illusion
is becoming even more intoxicating
just when the we started seeing through tne false nature
of this 3d world and saw it as it was as a projection

now we have elements of fear and "higher consciousness" in the mix
the arising of being is presenting global war, human enslavement,
economic hardships, as the next challenge for mind

for those engaged in a spiritual path they too are being
drawn into notions of higher dimensions, extra terrestrial entities

i am not saying for a moment this is not happening
it is!
but within the dream, the arising of nothing
be not fooled by all this
remain singular
as it all
this is all YOU happening
abide in this, if it is to be

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Tommy T said...

Extraterrestrials yes!!! Nice Blog man.
So are you gone from facebook?
I'm going to Tamil Nadu to pour water/milk on Maha Ananda Siddha's head this year...soon.
Are you going back this year?
Hope all is well, take care!