Thursday, July 05, 2012

dream machine

this mind projects the world we perceive to be
including the body it then inhabits

the brain reflects only a portion of the cosmic mind
and adopts a separate understanding of itself as the egoic identity

the play of the body-mind in the world
is truly a play of cosmic mind within itself
thus the body-mind becomes the dream machine
we have mistaken as reality

all the while, the unborn being is the truth
having given birth to the cosmic mind
as an act unto itself without cause

we are that unborn being
spotless and without beginning
ever watching without watching

and the phantom we call ourselves
is this body mind and the world in which it exists

as the grip of body mind loosens
we become the world
as the grip of the world loosens
we are the etheric substrate of perception
we come into realization of ourselves 
as consciousness or being-ness
yet we sit eternally prior to all this as That 
of which nothing can be said

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