Sunday, June 25, 2006

could be

that the path of the person is doomed
living in the illusion of self consciousness
the "me" being nothing more than the thinking mechanism
which is a machine that takes ownership of thoughts
and weaves a continuom of memory into a personal story

why do we insist we are so different than other animals?
our words are also cries, squals and barks
man has refined these vibrations into a more efficient means of communication
we have however become overdependent upon language
and live in a dream reality of our making

the world is one. connected. we can not be apart from it
yet we believe we live individual existences
this is the great delusion of mankind
because we think, we are. this certainly seems to be the case.

there are a handful of anomolies to this biological phenomon of man
those that seem to have lost sense of separate existence altogether
but then their claims are within a completely different paradigm
and we attempt to relate to what they say from our individual view
it is an utter impossibility as relating sight to the blind

my dilemna has been the search
my sorrow the frustration of "why and how?"
it seems time to accept the unity of existence
our place within it as a highly advanced biological supercomputer
here for a purpose we shall never know

what i do to you, happens to me
what i say is not my own but a collection of borrowed and assimilated words
my actions are only reactions to what i already know

what then can i possibly call my own
this is truly a virtul reality

the apple apples, the tree trees, the sky skys...
i shall just asheem
and asheem is no more an individual than my pinky is apart from my toe

nothing i have said is original in any way
i struggle to say something unique and it is an impossiility
just as my computer cant reply without inormation it already has

the mind of man is not
we listen and see and feel
all this is stored in the ether (wherever that is!)
and we tap into it over the cosmic ethernet

this is why i have been able to experience what i thought was a past
life of my grandfather or channeled other beings from outer realms

others have visited places without leaving the body
or seen past an future in others or connect with what they think are spirits etc

must be a connection to the universal mindsphere - zeitgeist

how often do you speak and not even know where the words come from?
they dont come from within but from without
the body is a play of elements suffused with the Great Intelligence

how this thing taps into that thing can not be known
because for something to be known it requires a knower
ultimately this thing and that thing are one so the question is false
as all questions are

there is no such thing other than in the illiusion of separateness
and anything the illusory "knows" is itself illusory

we are not inividuals but because of some sort of bio-energetic thing
we call self consciousness which takes ownership of thoughts

those that have been annihialated in what is comonly called a human flowering
speak as if they are no one, having lost any sense of individual whatsoever
they seem universally to be at a loss to communicate it
as language is the very limitation to what it seeks to express

i have a memory of this happening for me for a period of 3 days
the sense of self has returned so i have no way of relating to it other than
an experience which it was not because an experience depends upon the subject
and the I, the seer, thinker, was just not there
but it seems to be the only validation of anything of what i have said
i feel it was independent of all programming which at that point was cleared
the body had preferences but the thinker was gone
it seems miraculous that the body could operate without the individual
well in actuality it is for everyone but since "we think" it appears that we are driving

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Anonymous said...

I know where you are coming from Asheem. Why is there a nagging want to venture to the other side of life, when it is only a one way ticket? Will there be a saturation of this frustration that will lead to action, or will Meher Baba pull my rip chord before I hit the ground? Only time will tell.