Thursday, June 01, 2006


I am no longer traveling through the world
The world travels through me* and arises in me

The personal reference point is seen through as a merely a reflection and is dissolved in being (Self)
There is no more individual that is going from place to place
Places, situations, things, people, and all of manifestation appearances only

The apparent manifestation is wondrously ordered and continuous
The succession is the firmament of the mirage reinforcing the illusion that the appearance is manifest and that we too are within it

Seen rightly, nothing is happening at all
There is no individual living life but only life living as infinite possibilities innumerably arising in awareness including the mind, body, spirit we take ourselves to be

All is One, the Great Intelligence
Its very emanation is it’s being, as is the fragrance of a flower

How simple and beautiful

This and only This
The I is This, That is This
This is.

* me refers to awareness which is universal and impersonal

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