Saturday, June 24, 2006

end of the quest

in searching for the ultimate
i had hoped to become something beyond

it has been an utter shock to find
"realization" is the lowest of places
calling for an utter loss of identity, purpose or fulfillment

no one would want this
it must anihilate you

the alternative is equally jarring
living in the world as a biological computer
running to win a race that has no finish line
stuck in a carousel of becoming what you already are

its all a virtual reality
a fiction of the so called mind

we foresake sight for the words of the blind
who weave poems of the oceans and skies

we follow in hope and create destiny, karma, cause and effect
laws, science, philosophy, spirituality and religion
to explain the inexplicable
the pursuit of what already is

i am standing at a stop sign
sensing that the turn to take
is merely the turn thats taken

thats all.

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