Tuesday, June 06, 2006

A Return to Time

An energetic contraction seems to have come with the flurry of meetings
The sense of someone has returned as if the clarity were a dream
Perhaps there was a sense of ownership there

What was being, is now in separation
There is still a sense though of “who is separated?”
But then there now appears to be a someone rationalizing again

Questions again and not clear seeing
there is no one to be upset
coming up for an apparent someone

The sense of time returns
What was effortless was
The “was” is itself the mirage
This is still felt

Who is this doubt arising for?
The desire for a return to no-one
The feeling of not being right
A feeling of helplessness –
This is what happens in the “original contraction”
Slipping into the dream is falling from paradise

There is absolutely nowhere to go from here
This is not even somewhere, its nowhere without the everywhere.

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